The People Series

I love us!  I love 

life's energy expressing non-stop through our hands and faces 

with such intelligence and grace--

or thwarted for the moment 

with our worry or our whim. 


I am in love with all this energy 

that pulls us from ourselves 

and to each other, 

swirls around us, pulls us back inside again!  

This is what I want to paint.

Maggie Kuhn (Gray Panthers founder) (acrylic)
"Oh Yes!" (oil)
Preening (oil)
Emerson, Troward, Hopkins & Holmes (acrylic)
Elder (watercolor)
Mrs. Mirlis (acrylic)
Emmaline (watercolor & collage)
Gloria (charcoal)
Greek Goddess (charcoal)
Brian's Love (acrylic)
The Innkeeper at Beynac (acrylic)
The EEG Technician (acrylic)
Rear View Mirror (acrylic)
"Uh-Huh..." (charcoal, watercolor, collage)
"Maybe" (acrylic)
In the Night (acrylic)
Val and Piper (acrylic)
Zelodi (charcoal)