Healing & Celebration Series

Art is a major way I understand my world, 

and as I understand it, it changes.  

It is a kind of art-prayer in that 

I vision and portray an ideal that seems to be missing.  

A finished piece can carry forth 

the imprint of our yearning, our willingness to grow.   

The works below are all about forgiveness, decision-making, life-death transition, healing from brain injury, world peace. . .  

Is there healing I can vision with you?

Hatreds To Dampen, Friendships To Mend (ink, watercolor & collage)
The Mask of Depression (ink & watercolor)
Second Funeral (egg tempera)
Healing in the Mind (watercolor resist)
Healing MidBrain (markers on Xerox)
Prayer For A Happy Death (collage)
Deglutition/Swallowing (pencil, watercolor & collage)
Prayer (ink & watercolor)
By Our Own Hand: Peace (acrylic)
Dream of Being Free (watercolor & resist)
Sweating It (markers on Xerox)
The Chicken or the Egg? (potato print)